Chicken Tractor Plans For A Mobile Chicken Coop

How to raise chickens in and urban setting can be difficult especially if your backyard is small and you don’t want a permanent structure in your yard or have council restrictions, you could consider building a chicken coop using chicken tractor plans.

Chicken tractors also known as portable coops, chicken arks or mobile chicken coops could make your dream of chicken farming come true if you are faced with any of the above issues.

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So What Is A Chicken Tractor?

Essentially the chicken tractor is a chicken coop that can easily be moved around. They are usually medium sized rectangular frames with wire on the sides and top with the floor being left wire free. They are made mobile by the addition of wheels.

There are many different types of chicken tractor plans out there and of these all using different materials but the most  common are timber, PVC pipe, or metal. They are designed so that there is an enclosed coop and run so that the chickens can be housed here day and night.

The chicken tractor should be moved every twenty four so that your chickens have a clean fresh area of grass that they can peck at and eat bugs.

With the regular moving of the coop you will have very little cleaning to do if any. The grass will benefit from the aeration of the soil from the chickens pecking and scratching. The soil will also be improved from the manure the chickens produce.

Due the portable nature of the coop can  you can easily move it out of sight when you need to use your backyard for entertaining.

Although there are great benefits as mentioned above to having a chicken tractor there are also some minor draw backs that you may need to consider.

You have to move the chicken tractor on a daily basis which you may find inconvenient in very hot or wet or cold weather. And if your soil is prone to getting muddy in wet weather moving the coop could prove almost impossible.

Your  yard has to be big enough so that as you can move the coop around leaving enough time between the first areas used so that it will have time to recover and grow before being used again.

These coops can’t be made as secure as permanent coops so they don’t offer as much security to your chickens from predators especially the ones that dig.

You have to be careful with the types of building materials that you use so that your finished chicken tractor does not become too heavy which will make moving the coop difficult.

But, no matter what type coop you build there will always be advantages and disadvantages and these should not discourage you from your dream of raising chickens for eggs.

Get Easy To Follow DIY Chicken Tractor & House Plans Here

Chicken Tractor
By LS (Quail Manufacturing) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

So What Should You Look At When Buying Chicken Tractor Plans?

When you first start looking at suitable chicken tractor plans keep the following in mind:

  • Is the coop large enough to house the amount of chickens you intend to keep?
  • Will the size of the chicken tractor be easy enough to move around your land?
  • Does it offer protection from the various weather conditions in my area?
  • Does it offer protection for predators?
  • Is there easy access to the areas that need to be accessed? For example easy access to the  nesting boxes to collect the eggs.
  • Does it over a well ventilated chicken coop so that your chickens can use at night?
  • Does the plan include nesting boxes?
  • Is there a covered area over the run to offer shelter from rain and sun during the day?
  • Does the plans offer and area for food and water?

Get Easy To Follow DIY Chicken Tractor & House Plans Here